What does zxcvbnm mean?

The keyboard has all the letters of the alphabet, in it you can find the letters in a specific distribution. However, it is considered the most optimal for writing documents; since it is easy to use and allows words to be written quickly thanks to the distribution of letters it has, which is: qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm .Click to play the QWERTY Game

What do the letters zxcvbnm mean?

Zxcvbnm letters

The QWERTY letter layout has an order, in which the letters zxcvbnm are placed at the end of the keyboard; and unfortunately this is the most common and used order worldwide. Why?

The QWERTY letter layout has been shown to allow people to write faster; This is because it allows both hands to be used at all times. For this reason, it is the most used today; for the same reason, it displaced the ABC distribution that was used in conjunction with many typewriters.

As mentioned, the letters zxcvbnm are the ones at the bottom of the keyboard, and they don’t have a special meaning. They are only the letters that are considered “least used” at the time of writing; therefore it was decided that they would be located in this section of the generic keyboards.

Why are the letters zxcvbnm at the end of the keyboard?

As has been mentioned, the letters zxcvbnm are at the end of the keyboard because they are considered the least used keys at the time of writing; based on studies conducted by Christopher Sholes when developing the QWERTY layout.

letters zxcvbnm

This study determined that, at the time of writing in English, the least used letters with zxcvbnm . Therefore, vowels are not found in this area of ​​the keyboard either; even, it can be easily noticed that all the vowels are in the first row of letters of the keyboard (except A).

Why aren’t the letters zxcvbnm at the top of the keyboard?

As mentioned before, the creator of the typewriter layout, Christopher Sholes, decided to place these letters in the lower area. For the simple reason that they were considered the least used in their time and in English.

Therefore, he decides to place the vowels and the most frequented letters in the words at the top. Also, this allows people to focus on the middle when writing. In case you need any of the letters zxcvbnm , you will simply have to slide your finger down to get it.

What words can be written?


It is possible to notice that in the letters zxcvbnm some of the vowels that are needed to create a word, phrase or sentence are not found. Therefore, it can be said with total security that there is no word that can be created with this group of letters.

However, you can create words using the vowels at the top of the keyboard; but otherwise it is considered impossible.

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