What does asdfghjkl mean

What does asdfghjkl mean?

The letters asdfghjkl are part of the keyboard that uses the QWERTY order , also known as qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm . However, it is possible that they have a meaning, since each thing in the world has a specific description.

This time we will talk about these letters, what is their importance, what they mean and why they are located in the central area of ​​the QWERTY keyboard.Click to play the QWERTY Game

Meaning of the letters asdfghjkl

Meaning of the letters asdfghjkl

The set of letters asdfghjkl is currently known as the group of letters in the second row of the keyboard; either on mobile or physical keyboards. However, these have an order, which was selected many years ago for a special reason.

In this row are the letters most used by people at the time of writing, either in Spanish or English. However, over the years these letters have gained meaning in today’s population; especially in adolescents, who use them daily to express emotions and feelings through them.

By this it is meant that, although the true meaning of the letters asdfghjkl is found traveling in history, the adolescents of the century or millennials have given it a special definition.

When the QWERTY letter order is first invented, a lot of things are taken into account; since it was in an order that was intended to facilitate writing. Therefore, it was essential that the letters were placed strategically to make writing easier for people.

So the inventor of the order decides to place the most used letters in the upper and middle area of ​​the lawyer; and as we had previously commented, the letters asdfghjkl belong to the middle part of the keyboards.

In conclusion, it can be said that the set of letters asdfghjkl are simply a part of the group of letters most used when typing on a keyboard.


The letters asdfghjkl are only constituted by the vowel A, which is considered the first letter of the vowels and of the alphabet. Besides that, we can also notice that there are 8 more letters missing to mention; which are considered the most used at the time of writing.


On the other hand, we already mentioned that this set of letters is used by teenagers, but for what? It is simple, it is used when they seek to express a very strong emotion or feeling that they do not know how to demonstrate with words or actions.

Usually the letters asdfghjkl are used in a conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr and its objective is to show any of the following emotions:

  • Euphoria or excitement.
  • Happiness or joy.
  • Laughs
  • Among other similar ones.

What words can be written with the letters asdfghjkl?

Asdfghjkl letters

Finally, we will talk about the words that can be written with the letters asdfghjkl ; Although they only have the vowel A, it is possible to write some words with these letters. Among them we can find:

  • Flash.
  • Skald.
  • Dahls.
  • Lags.
  • Dags.
  • I.
  • Say.
  • Ads.
  • Now.

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